Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Notes From the Weekend

The girls and I visited the Farmer's Market for opening day on Saturday. The weather's been a little wonky, so no produce quite yet. However, we discovered "free-range, all-natural eggs". I couldn't care less about the free-range part, but I'm all over grain and insect fed eggs, especially for only slightly more than grocery store prices. They're wonderful! The kids have already run us out of our first batch of hard boiled eggs.

We received our first cord of firewood Saturday as well. Bargained for and delivered by a 17 year old with an old Chevy truck (that he bought himself no less) who'd spent the night before splitting the seasoned wood. Tamarack, white pine, white birch. Chris spent quite a bit of time talking with the kid, as he is considering entering the Air Force. Good-hearted, well-spoken, intelligent kid. Oh, and evidently splitting wood is REALLY good for forming muscle. That kid will have no problem passing PT.

This weekend we also discovered that Tamarack does indeed burn very hot, hot enough to raise the temperature of the house 40 degrees above outside temp without really trying. Oh, and loft master bedrooms are really efficient at trapping that heat, for good or ill.

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  1. The heat of the tamarack reminds me of the first Christmas after my inlaws moved into a home with a buck stove. :) It was 28* outside and 88* inside. We had all the windows and doors open trying to cool off the house. It took my FIL a while to learn to use the stove for heat with cooking the paint off the walls.