Monday, April 26, 2010

We Few, We Happy Few...

This blog is being written to chronicle one family's transition from suburban megalopolis America to independent rural living in the Rocky Mountain West.

We've already begun our adventure, and in the next little while, we'll be writing about how we got to this point, why, and what we've done to get where we want to be... and where exactly that is for that matter.

So... where we stand right now...

We moved exactly 6 weeks ago from the megalopolis known as Phoenix. Phoenix and all its attached suburbs is currently 80 miles wide and 50 miles high.

Phoenix is situated in Maricopa County, which is is 9200 sq miles with 21 sq miles of water and a population of 4 million, 97% urban and 3% rural. The population density is 420 people per sq mile with cities with literally five times that in Phoenix.

We lived in Scottsdale, which has a population of 235K, an area of 184.2 sq miles, and a population density of 1278 per sq mile.

We now live in an unincoporated area of Bonner County, Idaho which is 1738 sq miles with 182 sq miles of water and a population of 40K, 23% urban and 77% rural. Population density is 24 per sq mile.

Crime rate in Scottsdale: 7.17 violent crimes per 100,000

Crime rate in Sandpoint: 1.76 per 100,000.

We lived in the desert with next to no water, and now we live in the forest next to a huge lake.

It's a helluva change, and a badly needed one at that.

We're currently renting a house. A house with twice the square footage on 5 times the land than our Scottsdale house, at $300 less a month.

Our landscape is no longer rocks, but lawn. Lawn we don't have to water, only mow. A lot.

Our 4 wheel drive is now a necessity. We're probably going to get rid of our actual car, for at least a four wheel drive sedan (maybe an Audi or something similar).

There's no longer an illegal safe house 4 houses down, just a bunch of friendly people.

That's not the end of the road though. Within the next few years we'll be buying a large parcel of land and establishing (or taking over) a ranch.

Crispin Ranch, our forever home.

This blog is our journal of that process.


  1. As someone who has lived rural all my life and refuses to even accept jobs in larger urban areas I say glad to have you! I look forward to reading of your fun here as much as I do at your other place!

  2. Can't wait to hear all about this. I'm a native NYer who met, married, and moved to suburban/dangeroursly close to rural Texas to be with my husband.

  3. Melody,
    That is a beautiful mission statement. I look forward to reading your adventures.